General Tips for travel Tibet

Tibet! I think everybody wants to visit this country and to feel its spirit, but before this, you have to find out more about it, to get acquainted with main travel tips in order to be prepared…
1. So, the first of 8 travel tips can be named – Best Time For Visiting
Climate in Tibet is the typical downy special climate. And don’t feel upset, but, it can vary throughout the day and different places in Tibet. Pay attention, you can visit Tibet at any time, but the best time is from April to October. From May to September (especially July and August), as a rule, comes a rainy season, so don’t forget your umbrellas.

You need only 4 documents to visit and travel freely in Tibet: the Chinese Visa, the second one is Tibet Permit, the third one is the Travel Permit when you are planning to travel to the closed areas in Tibet which you can obtain it after you arrive in Tibet (So, the 1st question what travel permit is? This paper is also called Aliens’ Travel Permit (A.T.P) and it is required to visit closed areas), and the fourth document is the Military Permit (not always, only if are going to visit some special areas: Ngari, Nyingchi, and Nagqu). Also, you need a visa and a passport (valid for at least six months).

2. Mountain Sickness
Yeah, I am not mistaken, there is not only an air-sickness, it is another kind of disease, that is very popular among Tibet tourists and it presents a great risk to their health! When at high altitudes, people are lack of oxygen, so symptoms vary, but the most widespread are: dizziness, fatigue, headache, nausea, shortness of breath, loss of appetite and insomnia. As a rule, in the course of acclimatization your health condition will become better and better. Before going to Tibet, visit a doctor and be sure that your heart, lungs and other organs are healthy! But the following precautions will help you to avoid Mountain Sickness: drink as mush as possible, before visiting Tibet and in the country: don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol, eat more chocolate and fruits. If you already feel sick, don’t even think to go higher.

3. Packing Things
Remember! Tibet is just another place to visit, it is no use to take the whole wardrobe with you. Moreover, it is a remote place, so choose as comfortable things as possible. Nevertheless, you can always ask your travel advisor. But, don’t forget:
 documents (ID card and Travel Permit);
 a folder or a small bag (in order to put very important papers);
 bag (in order to put things, you are going to take with you, while visiting some place of interest);
 lotions, creams, sunglasses and other things in order not to get sun burns;
 cold-weather clothes. Sounds strange? Because, it is so unbelievable to put lotion with SPF and a warm sweater in one bag, while going to catching sun. But, facts are stubborn thing. As you already know, weather in Tibet can changes in a very quick way, so be ready! Walking shoes, rain coat, woolen socks, hiking boots, long-sleeve shirts… all these things are a must!
 torches: be ready to power cuts. Very often the electricity can be cut after 10 PM. It is so romantic!
 oxygen bag: it will help to facilitate the symptoms of mountain sickness and in Tibet it is a useful thing, because it (Tibet) is situated very high;
 travel bag: who knows, may be you will decide to spend a very romantic night (in the case, if the electricity will work);
 and, of course, medicine: tablets for water purification, chrysanthemum tea, pain-killers, medicines for diarrhea, nausea, colds and fever.
To be continued…

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