China Travel Tips. Part II

Hi, China is an incredible and mysterious country, isn’t it? So, in such a case let’s go on without travel tips. Yesterday, we covered only a small part of them and found out general info about China, its people, climate, tradition and holidays. And now, I propose you to deepen your knowledge and clarify the following:

You have already chosen a tour, time and duration of your trip, now it is exactly the time to specify:

Entry/Exit regulations:

Travelling by air: you need a valid passport and visa. The rest of the papers you will get on board the plane or from your own trip advisor.

Travelling by car: must enter China through special pre-approved ports and, of course, valid passports, visas and some other documents are a must.

If you have a problem with your car or you need roadside assistance, call a towing service that can arrive in your area quickly.

When entered a country you are expected to fill in a Health Declaration Form (don’t forget to mention serious diseases, if you have one). Moreover, remember that you can’t take from China: weapon of all kinds, forged currency and securities, any information carrier, which contains info, harmful to Chinese authorities, economy and politics, poisons, drugs, relics, endangered plants and animals. The following bans are in force unless the authorities gave you a proper certificate or allowance.

What to wear

It is one of the most challenging questions, you wanna show yourself in all the beauty and take all your clothes with you, but… remember, that China’s climate is very changeable and varies from place to place. So, find out an average temperature at the place you are going at and then carefully plan what to wear there. As a rule, winters are really cold and summers are rather warm. So take everything you want, but remember, it must be comfortable for you to travel and having rest.

What to pack

China is a nice country, just like most of the others you are planning to visit, so in order to enjoy your travelling don’t take a lot of things. First of all, don’t forget about documents and be as careful as possible. And always take the address of your hotel with you – most of the population can’t speak English. Then, clothes – we have already talked about them. Medicine – take medicine of general use and, of course, some special medicine, that you can need. And, it goes without saying, take things off your personal hygiene.

The next stage of your travelling: you are in China…


I think, nobody will call this point an unimportant one, because photos give us memories, they return us back into the best moments of our lives. So, be sure, you have taken enough films or memory cards with you. It is a bad dream, to look for a memory card instead of admiring the landscapes. Some places demand fees for photos and some just can’t be photographed (I mean: museums, relics, temples, palaces etc.) Ask permission before making a photo of this cute old man in the middle of the street.

Water to drink

Even if you are very thirsty, don’t even try to drink water from a tap – it can cause a lot of health problems. Even the best hotels can’t supply you with drinkable water from a tap. Most of the apartments are equipped with water dispensers or hot pots. Use them for their designed purposes.

What to eat

China is a real paradise for gourmets. Chinese cuisine is popular worldwide and is full of rice and wheat, corn and millet, noodles and dough sticks, cakes and snakes. Each dish has a perfect combination of species and sauces. If you don’t have enough money, please, remember, you can use a small snack-bar and be impressed with their dishes.

What to buy

China is full of various presents, goods and unusual things. You can spend hours looking for a particular thing and find a lot of other marvellous ones. China is famous for: silk, tea, antique, various paintings, calligraphy, pearls, handicrafts. And, no doubts, you will buy things cheaper, while going into the big cities, such as Lhasa, Beijing, Xian and others.


Tipping is very popular in China. But, remember, it is a personal matter. You can cheer up a really good worker and give nothing to a worker that you didn’t like at all. 1 to 5 US dollars will be enough for small gratitude.

And, as a conclusion, I would like to say – enjoy your trip, think about it, plan it, but be ready for some unplanned events and some minor disappointments. We are all people and to err is humane. So, don’t spoil your own rest! And visit the Great Wall of China!