Cuba VS. Egypt Travel

Yesterday a friend of mine told me, that it is not prestigious to travel to Egypt or Turkey… If we want to be cool travellers we should think about Cuba holiday. Frankly speaking, he puzzled me a lot, what is so special about this Cuba? Actually, after a couple of hours I was almost ready to visit Cuba, would you like to know why???

Cuba (with the capital Havana) is a country where summer rules all year round, it presents unforgettable epic colonial architecture ensembles, hot salsa dancers, crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, legendary cigars, golf championships, fly fishing and birdwatching activities, friendly people… The official language is Spanish. Cuba is a place of famous Che Guevara and bold bright people. The atmosphere is absolutely miraculous, it feels like FREEDOM. Cuba is rich in art, architecture and culture, it offers a great number of various sightseeings.

I was impressed with this info, Cuba looks like a must-visit place. And really , why not? The only one problem, it is better to start searching for a Cuba hotel right now. I like one hotel that looks like a magical palace. It is called the classic Grande Dame hotel of Havana, it boasts pleasant gardens, perfect sea views, flawless services but a bit high prices. So, may be I will put aside some money or just choose a cheaper hotel.

And the last point I like about Cuba – tours, so, after a couple of hours I am ready to announce, that I dream about Pearl of the Caribbean Itinerary Cuba tour. Why? Because it is the best opportunity to enjoy Cuba as it is. This charming tour allows to get only the best experience of Cuban culture.