World Strangest Signs and Titles

Dear friends and travellers, today I have made an exuberant title of my post, so now I feel the necessity to explain what it is all about. While visiting various countries I made 3 types of photos: photos with me as a main part of any shoot (sometimes I even succeeded to outshine really huge buildings ), photos with lively scenes, landscapes and stunningly beautiful places and the last category is about photos not the type will be likely to show up in a glossy brochure or site about tourism. Namely, these photos I’m going to show you, some of them are mine and some I have seen but failed to capture. So, please, enjoy!
The 1st one was taken in Egypt – it tells us: “No diving!” Actually, it was no use to, ’cause it was seen with the naked eye, this swimming-pool was not more than 0.5 m deep.

And now, to your attention: “No Ball Playing!” sign. So, the rest of the actions with ball is possible…

Now, the turn goes to 2 unusual road sings. Apart from the circumstance, that there a few road signs in the whole Egypt, these signs made me laugh, the first one has incredible gentlemen on it (this gentlemen is only lack of a walking-stick) and the second one possesses a rather funny beep.

It really looks like a Russian language. Frankly speaking, while in Egypt I have almost forgotten what the international language is. They almost don’t know English and adore Russian. But, the funniest thing about this sign, its letters are cut from colourful paper. May be English still popular, but these people exert every effort to write all titles in Russian. Nice!

Let’s call it a day with Egypt and go on further with Belarus. It goes without speaking, I’m not perfect in Russian, but even my knowledge is enough to know the Russian language from the Belarusian language. So, just view…

Kangaroos are so nice and people must take care about them, so there are special signs in Australia and some other countries.

And the last sign is about Venice, a country of your dream and my dream and so on… It is so strange but, there are road sign for gondolas.