Top 3 Amazing Ice Waterfalls

Waterfalls … they are miracles of nature. We’re used to enjoy them in full blossom when the water flow is strong and dangerous and when water is happily cascading over rocks … but sometimes waterfalls can be … frozen and it is a completely another story to tell.
 The Fang Waterfall, Colorado
Colorado is extremely popular during winter months, when climbers from all over the world visit it in order to perform the Fang waterfall climbing. The enormous ice pillar of the waterfall forms on exceptionally cold winters. It looks not only enchanting but so dangerous. And the wall is as slippery as hell.

 Hokkaido, Japan
Hokkaido is famous for its great winter activities. You can find everything here: slopes and ice castles, ice festivals and ski facilities and even frozen waterfalls. The only one problem they are very dangerous in Japan and very often they happen to collapse.

 St Louis Falls in Beauharnois, Quebec
These sick layers were quick and strong water flows in spring, summer and autumn and now they attract only tourists and photographers.