The Katskhi Pillar – Stairway to Heaven

Our world is full of awesome and unusual places and I would love to tell you a couple of words about one of the strangest and most unusual places located in central Georgia’s Imereti region.

I am talking about an imposing 130 foot rock pillar called Katskhi that has been venerated since ancient times.By the way, you should understand that it is not Georgia, the American state, but Georgia a small country between Europe and Asia.

Katskhi lies less than 10 km from a small mining city called Chiatura and it is one of the most photographed and popular places in the country.

I am ready to bet you will love the fact that a Georgian monk has been living in this rock building for nearly 20 years. What is more, the high church is estimated to have been built in between the 6th and 8th centuries.
Would you love to visit it one day?