Best places for drinking tea

Fortunately, I don’t know a single person, that doesn’t like tea! people spent hours each day drinking tea. Nowadays, it is not right to interpret the meaning of “Tea time” only to drinking of tea, it became a tradition, a holly rite. We drink tea in the middle of working day, at home, with friends, at cafes. Because there is no other drink, that can make us feel more relax and comfortable in the middle of big city hustle-bustle. A cup of hot tea can calm down your soul un any situation, helps to return balance and good mood. People drink tea for various reasons, some are fond of it, for some it is a perfect excuse to meet with friends and spent some time with them. And some countries, like: Russia, Japan, China still has tea ceremonies. I like Russian tea ceremony, as a rule, they drink tea from special pots, called samovar or sometimes in order for tea not to cool down, the Russians can put a special fabrics doll on it. Also, while talking about Russian tea ceremony we can name a special double-teapot, one serves a tea-packet. Tea is put there and another is a some kind of reservoir. As a rule, the Russians prefer black strong tea to green tea, they drink it with such a herb, as mint.
Recently there were named best places for tea-drinking. Namely, The Dorchester Hotel got Top London Afternoon Tea Award 2007 as one of the most appropriate places for tea-drinking. Why? There were a lot of other perfect hotels, cafes etc. But, the Dorchester Hotel has incredibly high standards multiplied by excellent food and a great variety of teas. Moreover, tea drinking is a rite here, everything is served in a perfect way. Each day The Hotel is full to capacity while afternoon tea-time. Most of people like their atmosphere of piece and calmness, here you seem far away from the problems of world that is situated beyond the walls of this hotel. Slow and pleasant music of piano tunes you onto everlasting rest, you sink in a fluffy sofa and forget about everything, here you can have a table-talk with friends and just enjoy delicious tea.

A typical Dorchester afternoon tea consists of tea itself, tasty finger sandwiches, fresh scones, jam and clotted cream. Sometimes you can have French pastries. Also, enjoys the popularity Dorchester High Tea (time of serving from 4.30pm until 6.30pm).
The next ideal place for tea-drinking is a Peacocks Tea room that got an award Top Tea Place 2007. What is it popular for? no doubts, for delicious teas, relaxing atmosphere, excellent location. Their menu provokes a special interest – first of all, it is very big, than contains a lot of useful information and tips for tea-drinking. When the season is warm, you can sit in the marvellous garden around the Tea room and enjoy the sounds of nature. One more specific feature, this Cafe has a special tea library, any visitor can take it and widen their knowledge about tea.
it is no doubts, that tea is favourite beverage of the Britain