3 Wonders of Russia

Russia is a big country and it has much more than vodka, valenki and the Olympic bear. I highly recommend you to get acquainted with top 3 wonders of Russia:

 The Baikal Lake
One of the most beautiful lakes in the world, full of charming places to take fantastic photos. this lake was declared a World heritage Site by UNESCO, in 1996. The Baikal Lake is the deepest lake in the world, and it boasts almost 20% of the world’s fresh-water supply. According to scientists, this lake is more than 25 million years old, so it is the oldest lake in the world.

 Peterhof
Have you ever heard that Peterhof is commonly called “the Russian Versailles”? Well, this place with its amazing park and monuments is the most popular tourist attraction.

 Saint Basil’s Cathedral
The most beautiful cathedral in Russia and one of Europe’s most amazing holy places.


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