Giethoorn – Village in Holland with No Roads

I am ready to bet, you have never heard of this village before. Giethoorn is a place in Holland, where you will never find a single road, because all, I mean it all transportations are done by boats alone. Frankly speaking, just one look at the following pictures and you will understand – it looks […]

First Artificial Sea Beach in Japan

Japan adores to be ahead of the whole world, its people will never get tired of these constant creations and inventions. The Japanese are always making something new, something really interesting and completely addictive. What do you think about world’s biggest artificial indoor sea beach, that was created in the southern Japan? Cool? Why not? […]

Dream Homes in Dream Land – Dubai

Dubai is a magical emirate, showing unbelievable economical growth and stunning combination of past and future, old and almost fell into ruins buildings with brand new and super modern ones. These modern buildings are cool, bright and look at their predecessors with obvious sarcasm. How am I to know about it? Well, I am going […]

Destination: Lake Tahoe. Things to do and Enjoy

I’m a ready to bet, that most people have heard something about this lake but can’t tell any specific facts. For those, understanding what I am talking about, the following info will be very handy. The City of South Lake Tahoe is a very unusual place and it is situated in two states of the […]

Bora Bora Paradise Island in France

Bora Bora is not only a delicious drink, but it is also arguably the most beautiful island on the Earth. It is situated about 160 miles northwest of Tahiti and was discovered in 1722. This island took its name from the local Tahitian language and since there is no “B,” in it, so the island […]

Alaska Glaciers in Motion

Alaska, no doubts, is an amazing place and I have told a lot about it but almost forgotten to mention anything about glaciers. Glaciers of Alaska are incredible, actually, a glacier is a big accumulation of snow, ice, water, and rock. They are made because of the temperature, geology, and snowfall. Snow becomes ice in a glacier because there […]