Setenil de Las Bodegas – City Under the Rock

Nowadays Setenil de Las Bodegas is a popular Spanish destination where all tourists are welcome to get acquainted with people who like to live under a rock. The story of the city starts in the year 1484. Most likely, the town’s name was derived from the Latin phrase “septem nihil,” and it means “seven times no”.

Most of the houses in this small village are carved directly in stone, that is why the small town gets it unique look and attraction to people from around the world. What is more the city offer amazing wine, world-famous delicacies like chorizo and cerdo, and fascinating hiking trails.

It is one of the most unusual place you will ever see, it is the town where nature and people live in harmony!

On the Edge of the World

I have been always wondering, what it is like to be on the edge of the world? Whether it is dangerous or peaceful there … What is it all about? What is the way I will feel? I don’t know yet, but I think there, on the edge the feelings will overwhelm me and I won’t know how to get rid of them … And, actually, what for? The following pictures are taken exactly in such places, would you like to visit at least one of them?
Geiranger fjord, Norway
Fascinating and captivating. The picture is so cheerful, so warm. No fear, pure relaxation and happiness.

Amazon Rain forest – the Amazon Basin of South America
I guess it is really great to be face to face with the Mother Nature.

Gergeti Trinity church – Republic of Georgia
One of the best places on the Earth where you can think about your life and future.

Jungfraujoch, Europe Sphinx observation deck
Lonely and gorgeous place.

The Dead Horse Point in Moab, Utah
One of the most dangerous places I have ever seen. A spine-chilling moment.

Nemo 33 – the Deepest Diving Pool in the World…

I like everything that is the … and it doesn’t matter whether it is the biggest, the nicest, the quickest or simply the deepest. So today I would like to tell you about the deepest scuba diving pool in the world. You can find this masterpiece in Belgium and it offers 105 feet (33 meters) of warm (91F/33C) crystal clear tropical water. The pool is called Nemo33 and it was built namely for scuba diving training.

That is … the biggest scuba diving swimming pool is situated in Belgium and not in Dubai. It contains 2.5 million liters (660,430 gallons) of spring water and it is a perfect place for all divers. Nemo33 offers not only multiple levels for training but special tunnels for diving learning.

The pool itself was designed by a Belgian diving expert, John Beernaerts. It is popular not only among divers and those adoring too dive, numerous film-makers and scientists view it as an excellent opportunity to make movies.

There is computer-controlled filtration system in the pool that is responsible for normal water condition. The pool has a number of underwater caves, as well as a large circular pit at 33 meters. Both experienced and not very experienced divers can train there.

The pool has special windows for everybody concerned to enjoy the diving process!

Hunyad Castle in Romania

Romania is a nice and pleasant country but to my mind a bit underestimated. It has thousands of numerous attractions and nobody ever mentioned them. The country is beautiful and green and friendly but I would like to pay your attention to incredible Hunyad castle.

This castle is exactly the place where Vlad III of the Wallachian empire (we all know him as Dracula) was held as a prisoner for long 7 years. This castle used to be a defensive structure and remains to be one of the most evident symbols of the Middle Ages. The castle is situated in present-day Hunedoara – a city in Romania.

The castle looks incredible and a bit frightening, it is so dark here that I can easily imagine Dracula wondering somewhere near me.

Giant Crystal Cave in Mexico: Shots and Information

A kingdom of crystals has been recently discovered in Mexico. A Cave of Crystals contains a lot of the world’s largest known natural crystals and some of them are as long as 11 meters. The following crystals have been growing for years and a steamy 58 degrees Celsius atmosphere of the cave was of great help. What is more, the cave is filled with mineral-rich water.

The cave was found in 2000 near the town of Delicias by a mining company. Enjoy the shots since there is no other place on the Earth like this where you can see the crystals in their natural beauty.

Colourful Floating Umbrellas Installation in Águeda

Would love to feel yourself like in a fairy tale princess? Visit small streets of Águeda, a Portuguese town, when they are decorated with colorful umbrellas magically floating in mid-air.

It goes without saying that public outdoor art installations are always fantastic but the following umbrellas’ project is simply jaw dropping. Tons of people can’t take their eyes from umbrellas of various colors looming above the streets.

These umbrellas create a great decoration find and also provide people with much appreciated shade. All the umbrellas are floating on the wires.
All the pictures of the umbrellas were captured by Patricia Almeida with iPhone.

I love when cities incorporate in public areas! Especially in such an amazing way!

Best places for drinking tea

Fortunately, I don’t know a single person, that doesn’t like tea! people spent hours each day drinking tea. Nowadays, it is not right to interpret the meaning of “Tea time” only to drinking of tea, it became a tradition, a holly rite. We drink tea in the middle of working day, at home, with friends, at cafes. Because there is no other drink, that can make us feel more relax and comfortable in the middle of big city hustle-bustle. A cup of hot tea can calm down your soul un any situation, helps to return balance and good mood. People drink tea for various reasons, some are fond of it, for some it is a perfect excuse to meet with friends and spent some time with them. And some countries, like: Russia, Japan, China still has tea ceremonies. I like Russian tea ceremony, as a rule, they drink tea from special pots, called samovar or sometimes in order for tea not to cool down, the Russians can put a special fabrics doll on it. Also, while talking about Russian tea ceremony we can name a special double-teapot, one serves a tea-packet. Tea is put there and another is a some kind of reservoir. As a rule, the Russians prefer black strong tea to green tea, they drink it with such a herb, as mint.
Recently there were named best places for tea-drinking. Namely, The Dorchester Hotel got Top London Afternoon Tea Award 2007 as one of the most appropriate places for tea-drinking. Why? There were a lot of other perfect hotels, cafes etc. But, the Dorchester Hotel has incredibly high standards multiplied by excellent food and a great variety of teas. Moreover, tea drinking is a rite here, everything is served in a perfect way. Each day The Hotel is full to capacity while afternoon tea-time. Most of people like their atmosphere of piece and calmness, here you seem far away from the problems of world that is situated beyond the walls of this hotel. Slow and pleasant music of piano tunes you onto everlasting rest, you sink in a fluffy sofa and forget about everything, here you can have a table-talk with friends and just enjoy delicious tea.

A typical Dorchester afternoon tea consists of tea itself, tasty finger sandwiches, fresh scones, jam and clotted cream. Sometimes you can have French pastries. Also, enjoys the popularity Dorchester High Tea (time of serving from 4.30pm until 6.30pm).
The next ideal place for tea-drinking is a Peacocks Tea room that got an award Top Tea Place 2007. What is it popular for? no doubts, for delicious teas, relaxing atmosphere, excellent location. Their menu provokes a special interest – first of all, it is very big, than contains a lot of useful information and tips for tea-drinking. When the season is warm, you can sit in the marvellous garden around the Tea room and enjoy the sounds of nature. One more specific feature, this Cafe has a special tea library, any visitor can take it and widen their knowledge about tea.
it is no doubts, that tea is favourite beverage of the Britain

Bernina Express Scenic Views

Are you ready to be left speechless once again? Everything you have to do is to buy a ticket on Bernina Express and enjoy spectacular views of Switzerland from north to south.

Believe me you will experience the unique sights of Switzerland and Italy on the Bernina Express train and in just 2 ½ hours you can make your way through a landscape from glaciers to palm trees while making your way from St. Mortiz to Tirano, Italy.

Simply imagine awesome Alpine crossings, dramatic gorges, 196 timeless bridges, 55 winding tunnels and spectacular panoramic windows while having a relaxing and tasty lunch.

No matter the event you can’t miss this scenic opportunity!
Buying ticket on Bernina Express is the cheapest way to conquer the Alps. It seems to me that you will enjoy the most beautiful Alpine crossing ever and you will travel looking at a UNESCO World Heritage since 2008.

Don’t miss the opportunity!

3 Wonders of Russia

Russia is a big country and it has much more than vodka, valenki and the Olympic bear. I highly recommend you to get acquainted with top 3 wonders of Russia:

 The Baikal Lake
One of the most beautiful lakes in the world, full of charming places to take fantastic photos. this lake was declared a World heritage Site by UNESCO, in 1996. The Baikal Lake is the deepest lake in the world, and it boasts almost 20% of the world’s fresh-water supply. According to scientists, this lake is more than 25 million years old, so it is the oldest lake in the world.

 Peterhof
Have you ever heard that Peterhof is commonly called “the Russian Versailles”? Well, this place with its amazing park and monuments is the most popular tourist attraction.

 Saint Basil’s Cathedral
The most beautiful cathedral in Russia and one of Europe’s most amazing holy places.


Don’t miss!


Winchester Mystery House Bizarre Legacy

Story of This House

This house considered to be one of the most haunted houses in California and in the USA. Now, please, enjoy its story. For some time life had been very good for Sarah Winchester. She was a child from a rather wealthy family, she was beautiful, charming, clever, adored music and knew several languages. In 1862, she succeeded to marry the only heir of the Winchester Repeating Arms Co., and in 1866 she gave birth to a girl, she named her Annie.

But, since 1866 tragedies started happening to her. Her daughter died in infancy, a few years later William, her husband died. Sarah was left alone with huge capital – $20-million and she received about 50% ownership of the company, thus, getting $1,000 dollars every day (approximately $21,000 a day in 2006).
Sarah was shocked and didn’t know how to live, even her wealth could do nothing to ease her pain. Her grief was so deep… Her friend suggested Sarah to visit a medium and she did it. She believed her family to be cursed. It is not known for sure, whether the medium confirmed her suspicions or not, but according to most of the versions, Sarah was told that there is a curse on her family, it is resulted from awful aftermaths of Winchester weapon usage. So, soon it was going to take Sarah too. In order to stay alive she had to move west and to buy a house there and to build it till the rest of her life. Otherwise, she could die.

This poor woman made everything right in this way: in 1884 she reached the Santa Clara Valley and bought there a 6-room home (with a site nearly 162 acres). Without creating any special plan she started building this house. For the following 36 years local workers built and rebuilt this house, without any logic and a plan, people worked 24 hours a day, year round. Sarah was intrigued by the number “13″, so, most of windows had 13 panes of glass, most walls had 13 panels and so on. Thus, the house is full of phenomena: staircases leading to nowhere, blind doors, 47 fireplaces, unfinished rooms… Just before the earthquake this house had 7 stories, but later 3 of them were destroyed, Sarah herself was unharmed.

Mrs. Winchester died in her late eighties, she believed, that this constant building would appease her sins and sins of her family, so it was a house for spirits and ghosts.
True story
Many people will ask, whether this house is really haunted? A number of strange events were reported there, most physics claimed that spirits are still present in this house: mysterious voices, strange sounds, banging windows. The Winchester House looks more like a labyrinth.

Nowadays, it is possible to make a ghost tour there, try one.
Interesting facts:
 Number of kitchens: 6
 Number of doors: 950 (without cabinet doors)
 Number of bedrooms: 40
 Number of skylights: 52
 Number of staircases: 40

Top 5 Incredible Hotel Swimming Pools

When summer is here and high temperatures are a must there is no other way to escape heat as to find the right swimming pool. Gone are the days when a notion chlorine was synonymous to them, nowadays pools are as sophisticated and beautiful as never before. What is more, very often the pool draws visitors to a resort. I would like to tell you a couple of words about the hottest and most incredible hotel swimming pools.
 La Casa Que Canta, Mexico
The following freshwater infinity pool offers incredible view onto Mexico’s Zihuatanejo Bay and seems to be an integral part of it. There are special places for sitting and enjoying the views.

 Intercontinental Hotel, Hong Kong
The hotel is famous for its incredible “infinity” pools, each one big and heated to different temperatures in order to meet the needs of numerous people. The best view is opened from the spectacular private infinity pool in the new 7,000-square-foot presidential suite. The suit boasts a 2,500 square foot terrace where the private pool can be found.

 Le Meridien Hurghada: Makadi Bay, Egypt
It was a real surprise for me to include an Egyptian hotel into the following list. But Le Meredien can be called everything but boring and simple. The main feature of it is a 68,889-square-foot swimming pool, and it snakes around the hotel, providing numerous places for entertainment and private activities. This pool considered to be the largest pool in the Middle East.

 The Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables, FL
This pool features approximately 700,000 gallons of water and 23,000 square feet and it is called the largest hotel pool in the continental U.S. It draws attention of numerous celebrities and designers which adore making their shows in it.

 Blue Lagoon, Iceland
It is one the greatest nature pools made by a person. It uses the whole advantages of Iceland’s grand geothermal peculiarities. The following pool offers an incredible views and swimming right in the middle lava fields (and snow in the winter).

Sea Isle City Colonnade Inn

Today I’m going on with my reviews of the most comfortable, beautiful and nice hotels. Of course, if you’re such a person that spends only 3 nights out of 7 in a hotel and the rest of the day and nights you’re making fun, so, only in this case, you can stay in any hotel, but if you’re not of this kind, it’s better to find more info about various hotels, their amenities and services. I have already told you about Sea Isle City and now it’s exactly the time to view the Sea Isle City hotel, that struck a chord with me.

About Hotel
The Colonnade Inn is a building in old Victorian style. It includes 19 rentable units varying from one room studios to three bedroom apartments. A lot of the Colonnade units has jacuzzi, free wireless Internet, Cable TV, central AC etc. The Hotel was opened in 1883 and used to be the sweet escape from the heat of the city. It has survived both progress and many coastal storms and is a bed and breakfast now.

Each room in the Colonnade Inn is unique, possessing its own charm. In general, the interior is made from woodwork and antique furniture thus creating classical atmosphere. All guests receive polite services together with bakery and morning coffee.
By the way, smoking and pets are forbidden within the Colonnade. One can smoke on the porches and leave pets with friends.

And, please, don’t think that I’m biased and in love with the Colonnade Inn, but apart from it, there are 2 more hotels in Sea Isle City, so that’s why Sea Isle City shore rentals include: The Sea Isle Inn and the LaCosta Coast Motel. They are hotel-like lodgings with spectacular facilities and tasty dishes. Anyway, rates are not very high but Sea Isle City will show you more than you ever imagined possible!