Capsule Inn Akihabara – Welcome to Tokyo

Akihabara is not a new word and not a new topic to discuss, it is just a place for a brand-new way of spending your nights while in Tokyo.
So, Akihabara is a stylish and digi-center of Tokyo, having a lot of electronic stores, namely there the Capsule Inn Akihabara is located. It goes without saying, that Japan is a country of progress, innovations and technics. In order to save space, the Japanese people created an unusual type of accommodation – a Capsule hotel.

As a rule,a Capsule hotel consists of 2 parts: a public lounge space and a private space (with sleeping capsules). A typical sleeping capsule is a place made of reinforced plastic with the following amenities: TV, alarm clock, radio, special lighting and blinds (just to add privacy). Every device is possible to reach in a sleeping position.

It is a very unusual Inn and it if you want to feel yourself like in a cockpit or in a mortuary, you must try it, but, please, forget your beloved one sleeps with her head on your shoulder (unless you are two very small people!). This hotel is very popular among people of any ages and among those who travel or in Tokyo on a business trip.

Main Features of Capsule Inn

  • Fixed rates.

One price for all rooms! No painful surprises!

  • Separate floors.

Forget about spending a night with your beloved one, but you can spend a night among girls and wear simply a night-gown without thinking about aftermaths!

  • The only capsule inn.

Actually, it is situated in Akihabara, a large tourist center.

  • Wireless Internet connection.

In the lounge wireless Internet connection is available, also, there is a free-of-charge access to 2 more computers.

  • Open all day

Without comments, just remember about check-in and check-out time.


  • The lounge areais a nice place to have rest and to drink a cup of coffee.
  • Service of luggage storage.

You don’t have to carry all your 5,6 … suitcases with you while travelling in Tokyo, you can leave them there.

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