XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi

The 22nd Olympic Games will take place in the Russian Black Sea Resort, named Sochi. Sochi has been striving for this honourable event for long 27years, after the Olympic Games 1980. I was in Russia 2 years ago, I really liked this country, especially Cheburashks, Krorkodil Gena, samovar with hot and strong black Russian tea, matrioshkas, lapti – these things are so cute! Their people are so friendly and their hospitality is undisputable! Russia, the official name The Russian Federation is the biggest country in the world, and don’t believe that there are only 3 location there; I mean Moscow, St. Petersburg and Siberia! Now you already know Sochi.
Sochi is famous for its fashionable and expensive Black Sea resorts. And, of course, it is not all about vodka and ushankas (hats), its traditions is much older and interesting. Also, it is one of the most powerful countries, it has nuclear weapon, oil, gas and it is a member of the Great 8. But, it is another story to tell. So, at the 4th of July Russian city Sochi was announced a host of the Winter Olympic Games. As for the Russians, they deserved this nomination, and they won it and leave PyeongChang behind. They got 51 votes and its main rival only 47. Russia won only in the second circle of elections in Guatemala city. Olympic Games can be viewed as a new milestone for the Russian Federation; it will help to develop a new system of sport games, to develop the infrastructure of sport and to outline new perspectives! It is planned to build the following objects: skating rinks, new Olympic Stadium, the Main Media Center, and, it goes without saying, the main Olympic Village. A lot of Commissions, from different countries (MOC representatives), visited Sochi and made an objective decision. President Vladimit Poutin mentioned that 12 billion dollars are already allocated for Olympic Games Development. It is amazing, in 7 years, Russia can have the most developed and sophisticated sport complex throughout the world. It opens completely another opportunities for Russian winter sports, it will make this country even more popular and more powerful!