Turkey Best Tourist Attraction

Once upon a time I have already written about a magical country Turkey and now I would like to tell you about one of the most amazing natural wonders in Europe. It is called Pamukkale (that can be translated into English as pah-MOOK-kah-leh, or a “Cotton Fortress”) and is is a city since the Roman Times, because they built a spa city – Hierapolis around a warm-water spring. The Romans have gone away and a magic spring is still there.

Location: Pamukkale is located in the Aegean region of Turkey. It is so famous because of its geographical beauty and special geological formation. Waters of the spring are full of calcium and namely because of this were formed white deposits of incredible beauty. White terraces of Pamukkale situated 100m higher than the level of the river.

History: King Eumenes II founded Hierapolis in 133 BC, and I 17 BC an awful earthquake almost destroyed this city, since that time archeologists are responsible for it. They make excavations. The city belonged to the Romans and it was highly-developed and civilized the same as the rest of Roman cities. Special attention was given to baths, gym and decoration with various statues. Hierapolis theatre came to us in a very good condition, it was big and there were 25 rows in it. Hierapolis had amazing Temple and many other building but now we can see only its remnants, but natural beauty of Pamukkale is still alive.

Everyday thousands of tourists make a long 3-hours trip from Marmaris, Bodrum and Kusadasi. If you have enough time, you can stay for a night – and you will never forget this experience. Mornings and sunsets in Pamukkale are stunning. The greatest attraction is a cliff-side with amazing basins of water and frozen water drops. From the first time, they seemed to be made from snow or cotton. According to scientists, this natural phenomenon can be explained in the following way: hot thermal springs pour down rich in calcium water. It is possible to take off your shoes and enjoy the incredible feeling; also, you can bathe (for additional fee). It is not a place it is a natural fairyland.

The view is really magic, snow white terraces, mineral-rich waters and various layers. Moreover, these terraces can change colouring because of the sunlight. Viewing this miracle from a distance you can think about clouds or a cotton field, but, coming closer, you will for sure notice bathes with water and then, you just can’t take your eyes from them! Pamukkale has a lot of various hotels, cafes and even restaurants. It is impossible to feel boring there.

Don’t forget, this territory is extremely important for Turkish people and tourists, so take care about it.