Top 5 Water Parks in the USA

Water parks are special places for fun and entertainment, you can visit them together with your family or friends. They offer a great variety of amusements: waterslides, pool bars, swimming pools, restaurants, waterfalls etc. The following list of the top water parks in the USA will help you to choose the best.

1. Disney’s Blizzard BeachLocation: within the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.
Theme: Melted ski resort.
Story: This park is a former ski resort so it has its look and feels but actually it is a 66-acre water adventure park and BTW a 100 percent tropical one.

With the “snowy” slopes of Mt. Gushmore, this park offers more attractions than any other (just some):
 summit plummet – a breathtaking “ski jump” tower;
 steamboat springs – the world’s longest family white-water raft;
 slush gusher – a very speedy one;
What is more, Disney’s Blizzard Beach offers a wave pool, children’s play area, lazy river, various snack bars, and this list is not full.

2. Water Slide WorldLocation: Lake George, New York.
Theme: Slides, SLides, SLIdes, SLIDes, SLIDEs, SLIDES, SLIDES…
Story: Just the biggest water park on the East Coast, offering a great variety of slides, pools and good mood.
Attractions: Hurrican Harbor – Wave Pool, Blue Bomber Slide, 2 Pirate’s Plunge Slides, Fantasy Island Activity Pool with Water Volleyball, 2 Tasmanian Twister Slides and etc.

3. Typhoon LagoonLocation: near Downtown Disney West Side.
Theme: looks like a ship-wrecked island, the village crowded with numerous cargo, surfboards and other marine wreckage after a great storm.
Story: it was the biggest and most popular water park on the property before the Disney’s Blizzard Beach opening.
Attractions: (just 3 of them)
 Humunga Kowabunga (travel through caves at a speed up to 30 mph);
 Castaway Creek (a 2100-foot continuous river raft with picturesque landscapes);
 “Crush “N” Gusher” (a brand-new breathtaking ride).
What I like the most about this water park is its theme, a really nice village right after the storm, everything complies with an overall motif.

4. Mount Olympus Water ParkLocation: a waterpark complex in Wisconsin Dells, WI, US.
Theme: ancient times, gods, stones…
Story: it is the biggest water and theme park in Wisconsin Dells.
 Blue magnum body slides (include various slides and ask you to be careful in order not to wipe out);
 Thunder and lighting (you can find your own thunder or just steal someone’s);
 speed slides (one of the world’s steepest water slides, it’s almost straight and offers 85-foot drop. Seems like you are in a free fall).

5. Noah’s ArkLocation: Wisconsin Dells Parkway, Wisconsin Dells, WI.
Theme: residing on 70 acres, Noah’s Ark, America’s Largest Waterpark.
Story: it has everything: 47 waterslides, endless rivers, children’s areas, pools. Their motto sounds optimistic: Summer just isn’t summer without a trip to Noah’s Ark. You see, it’s no use to visit Thailand or any other exotic country.
 congo bongo;
 bahama falls;
 dark anaconda – the most thrilling one.