Top 5 Most Dangerous Volcanoes in South America

Thanks to my reader and friend Colomba, today I am going to write about the most dangerous volcanoes of South America (SA). First of all, SA occupies a large territory and consists of various countries. Volcanoes are not rear guests here as well.
For example, let’s take such countries as Argentina, Bolivia and Chile and the volcanoes of the Central Andes.
The first one is Copahue that lies in both Argentina and Chile. It’s elevation is 9.728 ft (that is 2.965 m). The volcano was formed approximately 0.6 million years ago near the NW margin of the Pliocene. It usually shows intense fumarolic activity. The eruptions are not often and not very explosive.

The next one is Parinacota, it is located in both countries Chile and Bolivia. It is not only a volcano it is a unusual lake supplying numerous small lakes with water.

The third one is Sajama in Bolivia. Love volcanoes that provide us with adorable sceneries and can’t hurt people. I mean it has not erupted in the last 10,000 years.

The 4th volcano is Guallatir in Chile. Actually, this volcano is still treated as the active one. Its recent eruption took place in 1985.

The 5th one is the Lascar Volcano on Chile. It is an active one. The last eruption was in 1993. Frankly speaking, Lascar is the most active volcano in the central Andes.