Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

This incredible park is situated in Thailand, Pattaya. It is popular among tourists because of stunningly beautiful landscapes and marvellous views. Everything there seems to be from a fairy-tale. It is full of Thai style houses, villas, banquet halls, restaurants and swimming pools.
A vast 600 acres area was bought by Mr. Pisit and Mrs. Nongnooch in 1954, this land was predicted to be a fruit plantation, but, Mrs. Nongnooch made a trip abroad and came back with a firm decision to create there a tropical garden of ornamental plants and flowers.

In 1980 it was opened to the public and got an official name “Suan Nong Nooch”. Suan – means “garden”. Since it is a place where everybody concerned can get acquainted with Thai Culture and Cultural Shows. More than 2,000 visitors came there everyday. This garden always looks as if it does today. Also, it is a conservation place for many plants and palms. By the way, click on pictures to enlarge them!

Visitors are offered various shows, for example: the elephant show (elephants can play football, dance and interact with people). The collection of cacti is really amazing, although, they are native to the US, these plants adapted well to the Thailand climate. Before going to this garden you can make an online tour!