Giethoorn – Village in Holland with No Roads

I am ready to bet, you have never heard of this village before. Giethoorn is a place in Holland, where you will never find a single road, because all, I mean it all transportations are done by boats alone. Frankly speaking, just one look at the following pictures and you will understand – it looks damn beautiful!

This village has nothing in common with Venice or Saint-Petersburg, it is a country of its own, that offers stunning sceneries and adorable views. Giethoorn is a village in the Dutch province of Overijssel. Actually, the village consists of two parts and it is the old part of the village where there are no roads. Ouch, there are some cycling paths there.

All visitors are welcome to enjoy the beauty of sceneries while on a Whisper Boat (a special electric powered boat, which makes no noise). Most of these boats can transport up to 8 adults.

You can spend some time on the lakes and arrange a picnic while enjoy swimming, sailing or windsurfing.