First Artificial Sea Beach in Japan

Japan adores to be ahead of the whole world, its people will never get tired of these constant creations and inventions. The Japanese are always making something new, something really interesting and completely addictive. What do you think about world’s biggest artificial indoor sea beach, that was created in the southern Japan? Cool? Why not?

This time, the Japanese-inventors tossed a challenge to our Mother Nature. Actually, their cool beach is just a huge Ocean Dome (approximately 6 football pitches, it can house 10,000 tourists), that allows everybody to lie on the artificial beach, among artificial palm-trees and enjoy the sound of artificial tide.  The real beach is only 300 meters away and it looks really lonely, since if failed to win in this extremely stiff competition.

Ocean Dome is situated on Japan’s southernmost Kyushu Island, 1,500 kilometers south of Tokyo. It has  a 85-metre long shoreline and many many shops. There are a lot of attractions on this beach:

  • the weather is always great, sunny and warm;
  • lush green tropical forests without rainfalls and humidity but with parrots songs;
  • nice, white beach with crushed marble pebbles without any bugs and sun burns;
  • chlorinated salt-free water;
  • every 15 minutes the volcano becomes active and every hour it produces fire;
  • incredible waves for surfers;

The fee is rather expensive – more than $50 for adults, plus various entertainments. Many visitors are pleased with such a beach, they considered it  to be clean, modern and safe.

Artificial beaches gain popularity in the whole world. We can see them in Monaco, Hong Kong, Paris etc.