Dream Homes in Dream Land – Dubai

Dubai is a magical emirate, showing unbelievable economical growth and stunning combination of past and future, old and almost fell into ruins buildings with brand new and super modern ones. These modern buildings are cool, bright and look at their predecessors with obvious sarcasm. How am I to know about it? Well, I am going to Dubai and thoroughly read everything about this emirate. So, Dubai has more luxurious hotels than any other country, more property for sale, many international companies invest their money in Dubai, it is a glam, stylish, cosmopolitan, wealthy international business and pleasure hub.

Interesting fact! Concentration of Haute Couture dresses in Dubai reaches the highest possible level. Sheiks have deep pockets and adore their wives.

As recently as 30 years ago Dubai was a sandy desert and now it is a popular international center and an attractive resort. Everything in Dubai aims to impress and to my mind, the seven star Burj Al Arab hotel is the most unusual and cool building in Dubai. Have you ever seen a hotel this nice?

Life is very expensive in Dubai, and governmental far-reaching plans about future intensive building don’t make it cheaper. More and more people think about Dubai property. I am not a millionaire and just don’t feel that way about Dubai (at least now). But, one day I would definitely like to see it all with my own eyes and to buy property abroad. Especially, when Dubai offers such profitable suggestions. To my mind, Dream Homes WW can help me greatly. It is an international lifestyle and investment property site with properties around the world.

And why not? Everybody can dream and may be one day, dreams will come true. Enjoy photos, my dears, seeing is believing.