Alaska Glaciers in Motion

Alaska, no doubts, is an amazing place and I have told a lot about it but almost forgotten to mention anything about glaciers. Glaciers of Alaska are incredible, actually, a glacier is a big accumulation of snow, ice, water, and rock. They are made because of the temperature, geology, and snowfall. Snow becomes ice in a glacier because there are a lot of snow layers, snow gets compressed and finally changes into ice. This process lasts for years and so glacier appears. Glaciers are very important to the Earth, they can change its topography, flood seacoasts, affect human life, take away their settlements, start the migration.

Glaciers are a popular tourists attraction in Alaska, people adore watching their falling and also they like tidewater glaciers when a part of the glacier (underwater part) shoots and jumps out from the water with splashes and then falls back. It looks amazing.

Sometimes, glaciers can have various colors, it is caused again by snow layers, they are different, possess different density and in the course of time, their crystal structure can change: brown, blue and white are possible colors.

It was estimated, that there are more than 100,000 glaciers in Alaska, they are responsible for rives creation. Glacier Bay is one of the most popular tourist attraction (if to speak about glaciers). It has 16 tidewater glaciers, 5 species of salmon, various birds species, extends for 3.2 million acre. This place is a sanctuary, so a number of cruises is strictly restricted each season.

Then comes Hubbard Glacier. It is the longest Alaskan tidewater glacier (76 miles). Also, the sailing and cruise will be stunning, you will sail near small icebergs, hear ‘white thunder’ (a sound of falling glacier part), see sea birds, sitting on the ice bergs, enjoy the picture of crystal blue water. This area was called in honour Gardiner G. Hubbard.

The following video seems to be a completely relaxing and amusing, but, only in the end, you will see the whole dangers, that were waiting for people, who were making this video. They are just 2 brave guys, thanks them, that we can enjoy the spectacular view while sitting in front of our monitors!