QTvan Mini Camper Trailer

All travelers will love the mobility and functionality the following QTvan mini camper trailer presents. This small cutie was designed by English company Environmental Transport Association and it is destined to attract attention as a magnet. The QTvan is more a mobility scooter and it goes without saying that is can be named the world’s […]

General Tips for travel Tibet

Tibet! I think everybody wants to visit this country and to feel its spirit, but before this, you have to find out more about it, to get acquainted with main travel tips in order to be prepared… 1. So, the first of 8 travel tips can be named – Best Time For Visiting Climate in […]

China Travel Tips. Part II

Hi, China is an incredible and mysterious country, isn’t it? So, in such a case let’s go on without travel tips. Yesterday, we covered only a small part of them and found out general info about China, its people, climate, tradition and holidays. And now, I propose you to deepen your knowledge and clarify the following: […]