Colourful Floating Umbrellas Installation in Águeda

Would love to feel yourself like in a fairy tale princess? Visit small streets of Águeda, a Portuguese town, when they are decorated with colorful umbrellas magically floating in mid-air. It goes without saying that public outdoor art installations are always fantastic but the following umbrellas’ project is simply jaw dropping. Tons of people can’t […]

Best places for drinking tea

Fortunately, I don’t know a single person, that doesn’t like tea! people spent hours each day drinking tea. Nowadays, it is not right to interpret the meaning of “Tea time” only to drinking of tea, it became a tradition, a holly rite. We drink tea in the middle of working day, at home, with friends, […]

Bernina Express Scenic Views

Are you ready to be left speechless once again? Everything you have to do is to buy a ticket on Bernina Express and enjoy spectacular views of Switzerland from north to south. Believe me you will experience the unique sights of Switzerland and Italy on the Bernina Express train and in just 2 ½ hours […]

3 Wonders of Russia

Russia is a big country and it has much more than vodka, valenki and the Olympic bear. I highly recommend you to get acquainted with top 3 wonders of Russia:  The Baikal Lake One of the most beautiful lakes in the world, full of charming places to take fantastic photos. this lake was declared […]