Your Best Trip Ever – The Atlantic Road

I am ready to bet you will really love the following Atlantis Road offering really spectacular views, unbelievably sharp turns and wild nature. By the way, the following road is in The Guardian’s list of the world’s best road trips.

The Atlantic Road is a 8-kilometre long stretch of road between the towns of Kristiansund and Molde, which are the two main population centres in the county of Møre og Romsdal in Fjord Norway. In general, the following road starts approximately 30 kilometres southwest of Kristiansund and ends 47 kilometres north of Molde.
In 2005 the following road was named “Norway’s construction of the century” and it was rewarded the status national tourist route.
You will be satisfied while travelling this road since there are four panoramic view- and rest areas with facilities along the Atlantic Road. I am ready to bet you would like to know that many tourists choose to travel to the Atlantic Road during the autumn in order to have a look at the raging storms that pound the road.
The road was opened in 1989. I would like to make such a drive

World Strangest Signs and Titles

Dear friends and travellers, today I have made an exuberant title of my post, so now I feel the necessity to explain what it is all about. While visiting various countries I made 3 types of photos: photos with me as a main part of any shoot (sometimes I even succeeded to outshine really huge buildings ), photos with lively scenes, landscapes and stunningly beautiful places and the last category is about photos not the type will be likely to show up in a glossy brochure or site about tourism. Namely, these photos I’m going to show you, some of them are mine and some I have seen but failed to capture. So, please, enjoy!
The 1st one was taken in Egypt – it tells us: “No diving!” Actually, it was no use to, ’cause it was seen with the naked eye, this swimming-pool was not more than 0.5 m deep.

And now, to your attention: “No Ball Playing!” sign. So, the rest of the actions with ball is possible…

Now, the turn goes to 2 unusual road sings. Apart from the circumstance, that there a few road signs in the whole Egypt, these signs made me laugh, the first one has incredible gentlemen on it (this gentlemen is only lack of a walking-stick) and the second one possesses a rather funny beep.

It really looks like a Russian language. Frankly speaking, while in Egypt I have almost forgotten what the international language is. They almost don’t know English and adore Russian. But, the funniest thing about this sign, its letters are cut from colourful paper. May be English still popular, but these people exert every effort to write all titles in Russian. Nice!

Let’s call it a day with Egypt and go on further with Belarus. It goes without speaking, I’m not perfect in Russian, but even my knowledge is enough to know the Russian language from the Belarusian language. So, just view…

Kangaroos are so nice and people must take care about them, so there are special signs in Australia and some other countries.

And the last sign is about Venice, a country of your dream and my dream and so on… It is so strange but, there are road sign for gondolas.

World’s Most Beautiful Church

It doesn’t matter whether you visit churches or not, whether you are a religious person or not, however there are the most unusual churches in the world and they are odd, extraordinary, strange, amazing, fantastic – odd, you name it. They make our planet or a single country worth visiting. Today I would like to share with you a picture of one of the most beautiful churches in the world – Saint-Michel d’Aiguilhe chapel (Le Puy-en-Velay, France).

I perfectly know what France is popular for – its amazing Tower, friendly people, delicious breakfast and buns, fantastic boutiques and… a church that most people have even never heard of … but it definitely belongs to one of the most remarkable sights in France – a chapel the Rock of Aiguilhe.
The chapel itself is situated on the edge of the town of Puy en Velay and it can be found there for already 1042 years, because it was built by Bishop Gothescalk in 962.

Top 3 Amazing Ice Waterfalls

Waterfalls … they are miracles of nature. We’re used to enjoy them in full blossom when the water flow is strong and dangerous and when water is happily cascading over rocks … but sometimes waterfalls can be … frozen and it is a completely another story to tell.
 The Fang Waterfall, Colorado
Colorado is extremely popular during winter months, when climbers from all over the world visit it in order to perform the Fang waterfall climbing. The enormous ice pillar of the waterfall forms on exceptionally cold winters. It looks not only enchanting but so dangerous. And the wall is as slippery as hell.

 Hokkaido, Japan
Hokkaido is famous for its great winter activities. You can find everything here: slopes and ice castles, ice festivals and ski facilities and even frozen waterfalls. The only one problem they are very dangerous in Japan and very often they happen to collapse.

 St Louis Falls in Beauharnois, Quebec
These sick layers were quick and strong water flows in spring, summer and autumn and now they attract only tourists and photographers.

The Katskhi Pillar – Stairway to Heaven

Our world is full of awesome and unusual places and I would love to tell you a couple of words about one of the strangest and most unusual places located in central Georgia’s Imereti region.

I am talking about an imposing 130 foot rock pillar called Katskhi that has been venerated since ancient times.By the way, you should understand that it is not Georgia, the American state, but Georgia a small country between Europe and Asia.

Katskhi lies less than 10 km from a small mining city called Chiatura and it is one of the most photographed and popular places in the country.

I am ready to bet you will love the fact that a Georgian monk has been living in this rock building for nearly 20 years. What is more, the high church is estimated to have been built in between the 6th and 8th centuries.
Would you love to visit it one day?

Setenil de Las Bodegas – City Under the Rock

Nowadays Setenil de Las Bodegas is a popular Spanish destination where all tourists are welcome to get acquainted with people who like to live under a rock. The story of the city starts in the year 1484. Most likely, the town’s name was derived from the Latin phrase “septem nihil,” and it means “seven times no”.

Most of the houses in this small village are carved directly in stone, that is why the small town gets it unique look and attraction to people from around the world. What is more the city offer amazing wine, world-famous delicacies like chorizo and cerdo, and fascinating hiking trails.

It is one of the most unusual place you will ever see, it is the town where nature and people live in harmony!

On the Edge of the World

I have been always wondering, what it is like to be on the edge of the world? Whether it is dangerous or peaceful there … What is it all about? What is the way I will feel? I don’t know yet, but I think there, on the edge the feelings will overwhelm me and I won’t know how to get rid of them … And, actually, what for? The following pictures are taken exactly in such places, would you like to visit at least one of them?
Geiranger fjord, Norway
Fascinating and captivating. The picture is so cheerful, so warm. No fear, pure relaxation and happiness.

Amazon Rain forest – the Amazon Basin of South America
I guess it is really great to be face to face with the Mother Nature.

Gergeti Trinity church – Republic of Georgia
One of the best places on the Earth where you can think about your life and future.

Jungfraujoch, Europe Sphinx observation deck
Lonely and gorgeous place.

The Dead Horse Point in Moab, Utah
One of the most dangerous places I have ever seen. A spine-chilling moment.

Nemo 33 – the Deepest Diving Pool in the World…

I like everything that is the … and it doesn’t matter whether it is the biggest, the nicest, the quickest or simply the deepest. So today I would like to tell you about the deepest scuba diving pool in the world. You can find this masterpiece in Belgium and it offers 105 feet (33 meters) of warm (91F/33C) crystal clear tropical water. The pool is called Nemo33 and it was built namely for scuba diving training.

That is … the biggest scuba diving swimming pool is situated in Belgium and not in Dubai. It contains 2.5 million liters (660,430 gallons) of spring water and it is a perfect place for all divers. Nemo33 offers not only multiple levels for training but special tunnels for diving learning.

The pool itself was designed by a Belgian diving expert, John Beernaerts. It is popular not only among divers and those adoring too dive, numerous film-makers and scientists view it as an excellent opportunity to make movies.

There is computer-controlled filtration system in the pool that is responsible for normal water condition. The pool has a number of underwater caves, as well as a large circular pit at 33 meters. Both experienced and not very experienced divers can train there.

The pool has special windows for everybody concerned to enjoy the diving process!

Hunyad Castle in Romania

Romania is a nice and pleasant country but to my mind a bit underestimated. It has thousands of numerous attractions and nobody ever mentioned them. The country is beautiful and green and friendly but I would like to pay your attention to incredible Hunyad castle.

This castle is exactly the place where Vlad III of the Wallachian empire (we all know him as Dracula) was held as a prisoner for long 7 years. This castle used to be a defensive structure and remains to be one of the most evident symbols of the Middle Ages. The castle is situated in present-day Hunedoara – a city in Romania.

The castle looks incredible and a bit frightening, it is so dark here that I can easily imagine Dracula wondering somewhere near me.

Giant Crystal Cave in Mexico: Shots and Information

A kingdom of crystals has been recently discovered in Mexico. A Cave of Crystals contains a lot of the world’s largest known natural crystals and some of them are as long as 11 meters. The following crystals have been growing for years and a steamy 58 degrees Celsius atmosphere of the cave was of great help. What is more, the cave is filled with mineral-rich water.

The cave was found in 2000 near the town of Delicias by a mining company. Enjoy the shots since there is no other place on the Earth like this where you can see the crystals in their natural beauty.