Winchester Mystery House Bizarre Legacy

Story of This House

This house considered to be one of the most haunted houses in California and in the USA. Now, please, enjoy its story. For some time life had been very good for Sarah Winchester. She was a child from a rather wealthy family, she was beautiful, charming, clever, adored music and knew several languages. In 1862, she succeeded to marry the only heir of the Winchester Repeating Arms Co., and in 1866 she gave birth to a girl, she named her Annie.

But, since 1866 tragedies started happening to her. Her daughter died in infancy, a few years later William, her husband died. Sarah was left alone with huge capital – $20-million and she received about 50% ownership of the company, thus, getting $1,000 dollars every day (approximately $21,000 a day in 2006).
Sarah was shocked and didn’t know how to live, even her wealth could do nothing to ease her pain. Her grief was so deep… Her friend suggested Sarah to visit a medium and she did it. She believed her family to be cursed. It is not known for sure, whether the medium confirmed her suspicions or not, but according to most of the versions, Sarah was told that there is a curse on her family, it is resulted from awful aftermaths of Winchester weapon usage. So, soon it was going to take Sarah too. In order to stay alive she had to move west and to buy a house there and to build it till the rest of her life. Otherwise, she could die.

This poor woman made everything right in this way: in 1884 she reached the Santa Clara Valley and bought there a 6-room home (with a site nearly 162 acres). Without creating any special plan she started building this house. For the following 36 years local workers built and rebuilt this house, without any logic and a plan, people worked 24 hours a day, year round. Sarah was intrigued by the number “13″, so, most of windows had 13 panes of glass, most walls had 13 panels and so on. Thus, the house is full of phenomena: staircases leading to nowhere, blind doors, 47 fireplaces, unfinished rooms… Just before the earthquake this house had 7 stories, but later 3 of them were destroyed, Sarah herself was unharmed.

Mrs. Winchester died in her late eighties, she believed, that this constant building would appease her sins and sins of her family, so it was a house for spirits and ghosts.
True story
Many people will ask, whether this house is really haunted? A number of strange events were reported there, most physics claimed that spirits are still present in this house: mysterious voices, strange sounds, banging windows. The Winchester House looks more like a labyrinth.

Nowadays, it is possible to make a ghost tour there, try one.
Interesting facts:
 Number of kitchens: 6
 Number of doors: 950 (without cabinet doors)
 Number of bedrooms: 40
 Number of skylights: 52
 Number of staircases: 40

Top 5 Incredible Hotel Swimming Pools

When summer is here and high temperatures are a must there is no other way to escape heat as to find the right swimming pool. Gone are the days when a notion chlorine was synonymous to them, nowadays pools are as sophisticated and beautiful as never before. What is more, very often the pool draws visitors to a resort. I would like to tell you a couple of words about the hottest and most incredible hotel swimming pools.
 La Casa Que Canta, Mexico
The following freshwater infinity pool offers incredible view onto Mexico’s Zihuatanejo Bay and seems to be an integral part of it. There are special places for sitting and enjoying the views.

 Intercontinental Hotel, Hong Kong
The hotel is famous for its incredible “infinity” pools, each one big and heated to different temperatures in order to meet the needs of numerous people. The best view is opened from the spectacular private infinity pool in the new 7,000-square-foot presidential suite. The suit boasts a 2,500 square foot terrace where the private pool can be found.

 Le Meridien Hurghada: Makadi Bay, Egypt
It was a real surprise for me to include an Egyptian hotel into the following list. But Le Meredien can be called everything but boring and simple. The main feature of it is a 68,889-square-foot swimming pool, and it snakes around the hotel, providing numerous places for entertainment and private activities. This pool considered to be the largest pool in the Middle East.

 The Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables, FL
This pool features approximately 700,000 gallons of water and 23,000 square feet and it is called the largest hotel pool in the continental U.S. It draws attention of numerous celebrities and designers which adore making their shows in it.

 Blue Lagoon, Iceland
It is one the greatest nature pools made by a person. It uses the whole advantages of Iceland’s grand geothermal peculiarities. The following pool offers an incredible views and swimming right in the middle lava fields (and snow in the winter).

Sea Isle City Colonnade Inn

Today I’m going on with my reviews of the most comfortable, beautiful and nice hotels. Of course, if you’re such a person that spends only 3 nights out of 7 in a hotel and the rest of the day and nights you’re making fun, so, only in this case, you can stay in any hotel, but if you’re not of this kind, it’s better to find more info about various hotels, their amenities and services. I have already told you about Sea Isle City and now it’s exactly the time to view the Sea Isle City hotel, that struck a chord with me.

About Hotel
The Colonnade Inn is a building in old Victorian style. It includes 19 rentable units varying from one room studios to three bedroom apartments. A lot of the Colonnade units has jacuzzi, free wireless Internet, Cable TV, central AC etc. The Hotel was opened in 1883 and used to be the sweet escape from the heat of the city. It has survived both progress and many coastal storms and is a bed and breakfast now.

Each room in the Colonnade Inn is unique, possessing its own charm. In general, the interior is made from woodwork and antique furniture thus creating classical atmosphere. All guests receive polite services together with bakery and morning coffee.
By the way, smoking and pets are forbidden within the Colonnade. One can smoke on the porches and leave pets with friends.

And, please, don’t think that I’m biased and in love with the Colonnade Inn, but apart from it, there are 2 more hotels in Sea Isle City, so that’s why Sea Isle City shore rentals include: The Sea Isle Inn and the LaCosta Coast Motel. They are hotel-like lodgings with spectacular facilities and tasty dishes. Anyway, rates are not very high but Sea Isle City will show you more than you ever imagined possible!

Capsule Inn Akihabara – Welcome to Tokyo

Akihabara is not a new word and not a new topic to discuss, it is just a place for a brand-new way of spending your nights while in Tokyo.
So, Akihabara is a stylish and digi-center of Tokyo, having a lot of electronic stores, namely there the Capsule Inn Akihabara is located. It goes without saying, that Japan is a country of progress, innovations and technics. In order to save space, the Japanese people created an unusual type of accommodation – a Capsule hotel.

As a rule,a Capsule hotel consists of 2 parts: a public lounge space and a private space (with sleeping capsules). A typical sleeping capsule is a place made of reinforced plastic with the following amenities: TV, alarm clock, radio, special lighting and blinds (just to add privacy). Every device is possible to reach in a sleeping position.

It is a very unusual Inn and it if you want to feel yourself like in a cockpit or in a mortuary, you must try it, but, please, forget your beloved one sleeps with her head on your shoulder (unless you are two very small people!). This hotel is very popular among people of any ages and among those who travel or in Tokyo on a business trip.

Main Features of Capsule Inn

  • Fixed rates.

One price for all rooms! No painful surprises!

  • Separate floors.

Forget about spending a night with your beloved one, but you can spend a night among girls and wear simply a night-gown without thinking about aftermaths!

  • The only capsule inn.

Actually, it is situated in Akihabara, a large tourist center.

  • Wireless Internet connection.

In the lounge wireless Internet connection is available, also, there is a free-of-charge access to 2 more computers.

  • Open all day

Without comments, just remember about check-in and check-out time.


  • The lounge areais a nice place to have rest and to drink a cup of coffee.
  • Service of luggage storage.

You don’t have to carry all your 5,6 … suitcases with you while travelling in Tokyo, you can leave them there.

View more details here.