Montenegro. Fast Facts and Tourist Guide

Montenegro – basic data:
In the first post about Montenegro I have already mentioned some facts about this country, namely about its area and population, number of beaches, now I just want to specify some facts, for example, as to the highest mountain, that is 2.522 m (Durmitor, Bobotov kuk), seacoast length – 294 km, political system – republic (Independent state since May 2005). The biggest ports are Budva, Bar and Kotor, main airports : Podgorica and Tivat.

Citizens from many countries are welcomed in Montenegro even without visas and they can enjoy their stay there for 90 days. Car insurance: no problems, indeed. There is a green card available for many countries, but, of course, you have to specify their list before deciding to rent a car. Euro is the official currency in Montenegro.

As to the national parks, some of them are worth your attention, namely: Durmitor, Biogradska gora, the lake of Scadar, Lovcen. Montenegro is divided into 22 municipalities. There is a Mediterranean type of climate there. Apart from hotels’ restaurants there a plenty of cafes, offering traditional Montenegrin cuisine. It is very important to try their wine, this wine is famous all over the world. For example, such grape brandy “Montenegrin loza” or “Prvijenac”, are a must-try.

And, please, remember, short pants, dresses and skirts are not required, especially in such public institutions as hospitals, banks, etc. Don’t take off the bottom part at beaches, you will make a revolution and surprise most people. And don’t drink too much, it is a bad taste in Montenegro.

Monitor-Merrimac Bridge-Tunnel

We have heard about underwater restaurants and cafes, houses and inns, but have you ever enjoyed underwater driving? Thanks to awesome engineering ideas and the 4.6-mile Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel (MMMBT) this dream is a reality since 1992!

This bridge cost $400 million to build. And it can be viewed as a completely victory of progress over nature. The bridge seems to be so small and so unstable. If to look at its aerial photos it seems to be built right on the water. To drive there is a real pleasure, you will enjoy one of the most spectacular views in the whole world, breathtaking views: enormous expanse of water left, right, and ahead of you and nothing more, just blue sky, water and never ending line of the road … and then a tunnel out of the blue.

The figures are even more impressive than views. This bridge is not only the most expensive project in the history of this place but the biggest and the most large-scale one. The MMMBT includes a four-lane tunnel that is 4,800 feet long, two special man-made islands,15 prefabricated segments each 300 feet long for constructing an underwater tube.

There are 33 special cameras on the bridge monitoring the traffic flow. You can listen to your favourite radio stations while in tunnel. This feature was made in order for operators to be able to aware people of any accidents in the tunnel.

Knife Castle in Ukraine – Lastochkino Gnezdo

Lastochkino Gnezdo can be treated as a symbol of the Autonomic Republic Crimea, Ukraine. It is an emblem of it the same like the Eiffel Tower is emblem of Paris. A lot of people suppose it to be a medieval castle. Its beauty is amazing and location right on the edge of the rock, makes it look fearless and inaccessible. Everyday it attracts millions of tourists.
History of the Castle.
The 1st stage of its history started many many years ago in 1877 and it is connected with a general, wounded in the Russian-Turkish war. There is a very beautiful legend, considering this event. The old general came to the cape Aj-Todor and saw a tree. It was growing right from the rock and was an embodiment of the power, courage and firmness. The general developed a passion for this tree and decided to build a wooden house there. The house was later called “Generalif”. But the following fate of the castle was much more interesting than its beginning. In 1911 it was bought by a saleswoman Rahmanova and titled Lastochkino Gnezdo. Later she sold it to baron Steingell. The new owner ordered to ruin the wooden house and built a new one – a stone castle. The project was designed by a Russian architect A. Sherwood. The castle was built in 1912 and in 1912 a tradesman Shalaputin opened a restaurant there.
In the USSR period Lastochkino Gnezdo was a building of the Russian sanatorium “Pearl” (the library was situated there ). In 1927 there was an earthquake and the building was damaged, part of the rock has fallen away, the castle was closed and opened again only after a reconstruction in 1968.

To tell the truth, I was amazed with the beauty of this castle. We got there by water and for 45 minutes I was waiting for its image to appear on the horizon, it appeared suddenly and out of nothing. It provokes mixed feelings, feeling of admiration and fear. Looking at it seems, that the building will fall for sure. Because after the reconstruction, the part of the fallen rock wasn’t renewed. Thus, it looks like a small castle on the edge of the deep blue and only endless see is around. On the right it is possible to see a rock Parus (Sale).
By the way, there are a lot of opponents of this architectural masterpiece, they say, that the popularity of the castle is explained because of its natural location and apart of the rock it stands on and the Black Sea around it. Without this accompaniment it will look like a bust and lose its magnificence.

Giethoorn – Village in Holland with No Roads

I am ready to bet, you have never heard of this village before. Giethoorn is a place in Holland, where you will never find a single road, because all, I mean it all transportations are done by boats alone. Frankly speaking, just one look at the following pictures and you will understand – it looks damn beautiful!

This village has nothing in common with Venice or Saint-Petersburg, it is a country of its own, that offers stunning sceneries and adorable views. Giethoorn is a village in the Dutch province of Overijssel. Actually, the village consists of two parts and it is the old part of the village where there are no roads. Ouch, there are some cycling paths there.

All visitors are welcome to enjoy the beauty of sceneries while on a Whisper Boat (a special electric powered boat, which makes no noise). Most of these boats can transport up to 8 adults.

You can spend some time on the lakes and arrange a picnic while enjoy swimming, sailing or windsurfing.


First Artificial Sea Beach in Japan

Japan adores to be ahead of the whole world, its people will never get tired of these constant creations and inventions. The Japanese are always making something new, something really interesting and completely addictive. What do you think about world’s biggest artificial indoor sea beach, that was created in the southern Japan? Cool? Why not?

This time, the Japanese-inventors tossed a challenge to our Mother Nature. Actually, their cool beach is just a huge Ocean Dome (approximately 6 football pitches, it can house 10,000 tourists), that allows everybody to lie on the artificial beach, among artificial palm-trees and enjoy the sound of artificial tide.  The real beach is only 300 meters away and it looks really lonely, since if failed to win in this extremely stiff competition.

Ocean Dome is situated on Japan’s southernmost Kyushu Island, 1,500 kilometers south of Tokyo. It has  a 85-metre long shoreline and many many shops. There are a lot of attractions on this beach:

  • the weather is always great, sunny and warm;
  • lush green tropical forests without rainfalls and humidity but with parrots songs;
  • nice, white beach with crushed marble pebbles without any bugs and sun burns;
  • chlorinated salt-free water;
  • every 15 minutes the volcano becomes active and every hour it produces fire;
  • incredible waves for surfers;

The fee is rather expensive – more than $50 for adults, plus various entertainments. Many visitors are pleased with such a beach, they considered it  to be clean, modern and safe.

Artificial beaches gain popularity in the whole world. We can see them in Monaco, Hong Kong, Paris etc.


Dream Homes in Dream Land – Dubai

Dubai is a magical emirate, showing unbelievable economical growth and stunning combination of past and future, old and almost fell into ruins buildings with brand new and super modern ones. These modern buildings are cool, bright and look at their predecessors with obvious sarcasm. How am I to know about it? Well, I am going to Dubai and thoroughly read everything about this emirate. So, Dubai has more luxurious hotels than any other country, more property for sale, many international companies invest their money in Dubai, it is a glam, stylish, cosmopolitan, wealthy international business and pleasure hub.

Interesting fact! Concentration of Haute Couture dresses in Dubai reaches the highest possible level. Sheiks have deep pockets and adore their wives.

As recently as 30 years ago Dubai was a sandy desert and now it is a popular international center and an attractive resort. Everything in Dubai aims to impress and to my mind, the seven star Burj Al Arab hotel is the most unusual and cool building in Dubai. Have you ever seen a hotel this nice?

Life is very expensive in Dubai, and governmental far-reaching plans about future intensive building don’t make it cheaper. More and more people think about Dubai property. I am not a millionaire and just don’t feel that way about Dubai (at least now). But, one day I would definitely like to see it all with my own eyes and to buy property abroad. Especially, when Dubai offers such profitable suggestions. To my mind, Dream Homes WW can help me greatly. It is an international lifestyle and investment property site with properties around the world.

And why not? Everybody can dream and may be one day, dreams will come true. Enjoy photos, my dears, seeing is believing.


Destination: Lake Tahoe. Things to do and Enjoy

I’m a ready to bet, that most people have heard something about this lake but can’t tell any specific facts. For those, understanding what I am talking about, the following info will be very handy.

The City of South Lake Tahoe is a very unusual place and it is situated in two states of the USA in Nevada and in California. Lake Tahoe can be named the North American Continent’s largest Alpine lake since it covers the whole area of 191.6 square miles. What is more, this lake is the third deepest lake in North America. The lake never freezes in winter and never becomes very warm in summer. It belongs to the kind of places where the sun shines 75% of the year. I mean it. The sun shines 274 days. There are a lot of valleys and bays on the shores of the lake and they were born thanks to numerous glaciers.

Lake Tahoe offers numerous activities, for example, Lake Tahoe Hiking. Hiking is great and hiking there becomes fantastic! You can enjoy picturesque lake views and train your body!!!

The next activity is Lake Tahoe Skiing. Lake Tahoe is a real paradise for real ski-lovers. Skiers can enjoy numerous slopes over more than 8,800 total ski resort acres, and enjoy Lake Tahoe’s amazing vertical drop at 3,600 feet.

And the last activity I would like to tell you about is Lake Tahoe Casinos visiting. It seems amazing but this city has not only natural wonders but six 24-hour top-quality casinos. They offer more than 7,051 slot machines and 411 game tables. You will definitely feel what Nevada nightlife is famous for!


Bora Bora Paradise Island in France

Bora Bora is not only a delicious drink, but it is also arguably the most beautiful island on the Earth. It is situated about 160 miles northwest of Tahiti and was discovered in 1722.

This island took its name from the local Tahitian language and since there is no “B,” in it, so the island is actually called Pora Pora, and means “firstborn.”

Bora Bora is a volcanic island surrounded by coral reefs and stunningly beautiful lagoon. French is spoken here and the population is 4, 650, land area – 44 sq km (16.9 sq miles). The climate is very warm and humid, mostly sunny weather.

As far as this island depends on tourism, it is besieged by luxurious resorts and hotels (I like the most of their bungalows on stilts), they offer unforgettable views on mountains and the lagoon.
Bora Bora is perfect for snorkeling, shark feeding excursions, and even scuba diving.

Alaska Glaciers in Motion

Alaska, no doubts, is an amazing place and I have told a lot about it but almost forgotten to mention anything about glaciers. Glaciers of Alaska are incredible, actually, a glacier is a big accumulation of snow, ice, water, and rock. They are made because of the temperature, geology, and snowfall. Snow becomes ice in a glacier because there are a lot of snow layers, snow gets compressed and finally changes into ice. This process lasts for years and so glacier appears. Glaciers are very important to the Earth, they can change its topography, flood seacoasts, affect human life, take away their settlements, start the migration.

Glaciers are a popular tourists attraction in Alaska, people adore watching their falling and also they like tidewater glaciers when a part of the glacier (underwater part) shoots and jumps out from the water with splashes and then falls back. It looks amazing.

Sometimes, glaciers can have various colors, it is caused again by snow layers, they are different, possess different density and in the course of time, their crystal structure can change: brown, blue and white are possible colors.

It was estimated, that there are more than 100,000 glaciers in Alaska, they are responsible for rives creation. Glacier Bay is one of the most popular tourist attraction (if to speak about glaciers). It has 16 tidewater glaciers, 5 species of salmon, various birds species, extends for 3.2 million acre. This place is a sanctuary, so a number of cruises is strictly restricted each season.

Then comes Hubbard Glacier. It is the longest Alaskan tidewater glacier (76 miles). Also, the sailing and cruise will be stunning, you will sail near small icebergs, hear ‘white thunder’ (a sound of falling glacier part), see sea birds, sitting on the ice bergs, enjoy the picture of crystal blue water. This area was called in honour Gardiner G. Hubbard.

The following video seems to be a completely relaxing and amusing, but, only in the end, you will see the whole dangers, that were waiting for people, who were making this video. They are just 2 brave guys, thanks them, that we can enjoy the spectacular view while sitting in front of our monitors!