Top 5 Most Dangerous Volcanoes in South America

Thanks to my reader and friend Colomba, today I am going to write about the most dangerous volcanoes of South America (SA). First of all, SA occupies a large territory and consists of various countries. Volcanoes are not rear guests here as well. For example, let’s take such countries as Argentina, Bolivia and Chile and […]

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

This incredible park is situated in Thailand, Pattaya. It is popular among tourists because of stunningly beautiful landscapes and marvellous views. Everything there seems to be from a fairy-tale. It is full of Thai style houses, villas, banquet halls, restaurants and swimming pools. A vast 600 acres area was bought by Mr. Pisit and Mrs. […]

XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi

The 22nd Olympic Games will take place in the Russian Black Sea Resort, named Sochi. Sochi has been striving for this honourable event for long 27years, after the Olympic Games 1980. I was in Russia 2 years ago, I really liked this country, especially Cheburashks, Krorkodil Gena, samovar with hot and strong black Russian tea, […]

Underground Life in Coober Pedy Australia

Australia is full of natural wonders and adorable places. It has everything even the most demanding traveller would like to see. And even more… Would you like to enjoy underground life (apart from a tube ride)? Then, Coober Pedy is something you are looking for. This city is famous as the opal capital of the […]

Turkey Best Tourist Attraction

Once upon a time I have already written about a magical country Turkey and now I would like to tell you about one of the most amazing natural wonders in Europe. It is called Pamukkale (that can be translated into English as pah-MOOK-kah-leh, or a “Cotton Fortress”) and is is a city since the Roman Times, because they built […]

Top 5 Water Parks in the USA

Water parks are special places for fun and entertainment, you can visit them together with your family or friends. They offer a great variety of amusements: waterslides, pool bars, swimming pools, restaurants, waterfalls etc. The following list of the top water parks in the USA will help you to choose the best. 1. Disney’s Blizzard […]

The most romantic city in the World

To tell that France is one of the most romantic countries in the world it is to tell nothing! Everybody knows that Eiffel Tower is the symbol of the country. According to the leading tourist agencies data, France belongs to one of the most visited country in our world. Beauty of its sightseeings is beyond […]

Stunning Photos of Atlantic-Norway Ocean Highway

It seems to me we all love amazing and beautiful and when they are that nice and stunning … I am more than glad. Today I would love to present you a great road that has an open sea view. The road is called Atlantic-Norway Ocean Highway and it has nothing in common with the […]

Renaissance Architecture of Chateau de Chambord in France

Chateau de Chambord in France belongs to one of the most bizarre and extravagant buildings in France. It was designed to confirm the François’ I status of the greatest revolutionary builder’s of his age. Because of the rich forests of the Sologne the Chateau was intended to be only a hunting lodge, but in reality […]

Moroccan Leather Goods – Old Tanneries of Fez

Tanneries (or a district of dyers) is situated in Morocco and it is famous for incredible leather goods. Men work the leather in the tanning and special dying vats, they use the same technique as was used centuries before. The smell is very strong and once smelled it you will never forget it. Just imagine, […]