Top 5 Most Dangerous Volcanoes in South America

Thanks to my reader and friend Colomba, today I am going to write about the most dangerous volcanoes of South America (SA). First of all, SA occupies a large territory and consists of various countries. Volcanoes are not rear guests here as well.
For example, let’s take such countries as Argentina, Bolivia and Chile and the volcanoes of the Central Andes.
The first one is Copahue that lies in both Argentina and Chile. It’s elevation is 9.728 ft (that is 2.965 m). The volcano was formed approximately 0.6 million years ago near the NW margin of the Pliocene. It usually shows intense fumarolic activity. The eruptions are not often and not very explosive.

The next one is Parinacota, it is located in both countries Chile and Bolivia. It is not only a volcano it is a unusual lake supplying numerous small lakes with water.

The third one is Sajama in Bolivia. Love volcanoes that provide us with adorable sceneries and can’t hurt people. I mean it has not erupted in the last 10,000 years.

The 4th volcano is Guallatir in Chile. Actually, this volcano is still treated as the active one. Its recent eruption took place in 1985.

The 5th one is the Lascar Volcano on Chile. It is an active one. The last eruption was in 1993. Frankly speaking, Lascar is the most active volcano in the central Andes.

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

This incredible park is situated in Thailand, Pattaya. It is popular among tourists because of stunningly beautiful landscapes and marvellous views. Everything there seems to be from a fairy-tale. It is full of Thai style houses, villas, banquet halls, restaurants and swimming pools.
A vast 600 acres area was bought by Mr. Pisit and Mrs. Nongnooch in 1954, this land was predicted to be a fruit plantation, but, Mrs. Nongnooch made a trip abroad and came back with a firm decision to create there a tropical garden of ornamental plants and flowers.

In 1980 it was opened to the public and got an official name “Suan Nong Nooch”. Suan – means “garden”. Since it is a place where everybody concerned can get acquainted with Thai Culture and Cultural Shows. More than 2,000 visitors came there everyday. This garden always looks as if it does today. Also, it is a conservation place for many plants and palms. By the way, click on pictures to enlarge them!

Visitors are offered various shows, for example: the elephant show (elephants can play football, dance and interact with people). The collection of cacti is really amazing, although, they are native to the US, these plants adapted well to the Thailand climate. Before going to this garden you can make an online tour!


XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi

The 22nd Olympic Games will take place in the Russian Black Sea Resort, named Sochi. Sochi has been striving for this honourable event for long 27years, after the Olympic Games 1980. I was in Russia 2 years ago, I really liked this country, especially Cheburashks, Krorkodil Gena, samovar with hot and strong black Russian tea, matrioshkas, lapti – these things are so cute! Their people are so friendly and their hospitality is undisputable! Russia, the official name The Russian Federation is the biggest country in the world, and don’t believe that there are only 3 location there; I mean Moscow, St. Petersburg and Siberia! Now you already know Sochi.
Sochi is famous for its fashionable and expensive Black Sea resorts. And, of course, it is not all about vodka and ushankas (hats), its traditions is much older and interesting. Also, it is one of the most powerful countries, it has nuclear weapon, oil, gas and it is a member of the Great 8. But, it is another story to tell. So, at the 4th of July Russian city Sochi was announced a host of the Winter Olympic Games. As for the Russians, they deserved this nomination, and they won it and leave PyeongChang behind. They got 51 votes and its main rival only 47. Russia won only in the second circle of elections in Guatemala city. Olympic Games can be viewed as a new milestone for the Russian Federation; it will help to develop a new system of sport games, to develop the infrastructure of sport and to outline new perspectives! It is planned to build the following objects: skating rinks, new Olympic Stadium, the Main Media Center, and, it goes without saying, the main Olympic Village. A lot of Commissions, from different countries (MOC representatives), visited Sochi and made an objective decision. President Vladimit Poutin mentioned that 12 billion dollars are already allocated for Olympic Games Development. It is amazing, in 7 years, Russia can have the most developed and sophisticated sport complex throughout the world. It opens completely another opportunities for Russian winter sports, it will make this country even more popular and more powerful!

Underground Life in Coober Pedy Australia

Australia is full of natural wonders and adorable places. It has everything even the most demanding traveller would like to see. And even more… Would you like to enjoy underground life (apart from a tube ride)? Then, Coober Pedy is something you are looking for.

This city is famous as the opal capital of the whole world. But the most interesting and distinctive feature is that most people live UNDEGROUND. I mean in special underground homes. The first reason for such homes is temperature. Yeah, it is extremely high here and underground temperature is always comfortable. The second one, there are a lot of empty caves in Coober Pedy (they were left after opal mining).

If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of underground living, you are welcome to live in one of the hotels in Coober Pedy.

Turkey Best Tourist Attraction

Once upon a time I have already written about a magical country Turkey and now I would like to tell you about one of the most amazing natural wonders in Europe. It is called Pamukkale (that can be translated into English as pah-MOOK-kah-leh, or a “Cotton Fortress”) and is is a city since the Roman Times, because they built a spa city – Hierapolis around a warm-water spring. The Romans have gone away and a magic spring is still there.

Location: Pamukkale is located in the Aegean region of Turkey. It is so famous because of its geographical beauty and special geological formation. Waters of the spring are full of calcium and namely because of this were formed white deposits of incredible beauty. White terraces of Pamukkale situated 100m higher than the level of the river.

History: King Eumenes II founded Hierapolis in 133 BC, and I 17 BC an awful earthquake almost destroyed this city, since that time archeologists are responsible for it. They make excavations. The city belonged to the Romans and it was highly-developed and civilized the same as the rest of Roman cities. Special attention was given to baths, gym and decoration with various statues. Hierapolis theatre came to us in a very good condition, it was big and there were 25 rows in it. Hierapolis had amazing Temple and many other building but now we can see only its remnants, but natural beauty of Pamukkale is still alive.

Everyday thousands of tourists make a long 3-hours trip from Marmaris, Bodrum and Kusadasi. If you have enough time, you can stay for a night – and you will never forget this experience. Mornings and sunsets in Pamukkale are stunning. The greatest attraction is a cliff-side with amazing basins of water and frozen water drops. From the first time, they seemed to be made from snow or cotton. According to scientists, this natural phenomenon can be explained in the following way: hot thermal springs pour down rich in calcium water. It is possible to take off your shoes and enjoy the incredible feeling; also, you can bathe (for additional fee). It is not a place it is a natural fairyland.

The view is really magic, snow white terraces, mineral-rich waters and various layers. Moreover, these terraces can change colouring because of the sunlight. Viewing this miracle from a distance you can think about clouds or a cotton field, but, coming closer, you will for sure notice bathes with water and then, you just can’t take your eyes from them! Pamukkale has a lot of various hotels, cafes and even restaurants. It is impossible to feel boring there.

Don’t forget, this territory is extremely important for Turkish people and tourists, so take care about it.


Top 5 Water Parks in the USA

Water parks are special places for fun and entertainment, you can visit them together with your family or friends. They offer a great variety of amusements: waterslides, pool bars, swimming pools, restaurants, waterfalls etc. The following list of the top water parks in the USA will help you to choose the best.

1. Disney’s Blizzard BeachLocation: within the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.
Theme: Melted ski resort.
Story: This park is a former ski resort so it has its look and feels but actually it is a 66-acre water adventure park and BTW a 100 percent tropical one.

With the “snowy” slopes of Mt. Gushmore, this park offers more attractions than any other (just some):
 summit plummet – a breathtaking “ski jump” tower;
 steamboat springs – the world’s longest family white-water raft;
 slush gusher – a very speedy one;
What is more, Disney’s Blizzard Beach offers a wave pool, children’s play area, lazy river, various snack bars, and this list is not full.

2. Water Slide WorldLocation: Lake George, New York.
Theme: Slides, SLides, SLIdes, SLIDes, SLIDEs, SLIDES, SLIDES…
Story: Just the biggest water park on the East Coast, offering a great variety of slides, pools and good mood.
Attractions: Hurrican Harbor – Wave Pool, Blue Bomber Slide, 2 Pirate’s Plunge Slides, Fantasy Island Activity Pool with Water Volleyball, 2 Tasmanian Twister Slides and etc.

3. Typhoon LagoonLocation: near Downtown Disney West Side.
Theme: looks like a ship-wrecked island, the village crowded with numerous cargo, surfboards and other marine wreckage after a great storm.
Story: it was the biggest and most popular water park on the property before the Disney’s Blizzard Beach opening.
Attractions: (just 3 of them)
 Humunga Kowabunga (travel through caves at a speed up to 30 mph);
 Castaway Creek (a 2100-foot continuous river raft with picturesque landscapes);
 “Crush “N” Gusher” (a brand-new breathtaking ride).
What I like the most about this water park is its theme, a really nice village right after the storm, everything complies with an overall motif.

4. Mount Olympus Water ParkLocation: a waterpark complex in Wisconsin Dells, WI, US.
Theme: ancient times, gods, stones…
Story: it is the biggest water and theme park in Wisconsin Dells.
 Blue magnum body slides (include various slides and ask you to be careful in order not to wipe out);
 Thunder and lighting (you can find your own thunder or just steal someone’s);
 speed slides (one of the world’s steepest water slides, it’s almost straight and offers 85-foot drop. Seems like you are in a free fall).

5. Noah’s ArkLocation: Wisconsin Dells Parkway, Wisconsin Dells, WI.
Theme: residing on 70 acres, Noah’s Ark, America’s Largest Waterpark.
Story: it has everything: 47 waterslides, endless rivers, children’s areas, pools. Their motto sounds optimistic: Summer just isn’t summer without a trip to Noah’s Ark. You see, it’s no use to visit Thailand or any other exotic country.
 congo bongo;
 bahama falls;
 dark anaconda – the most thrilling one.

The most romantic city in the World

To tell that France is one of the most romantic countries in the world it is to tell nothing! Everybody knows that Eiffel Tower is the symbol of the country. According to the leading tourist agencies data, France belongs to one of the most visited country in our world. Beauty of its sightseeings is beyond any disputes. Paris with silent waters of the Seina, Notre-Dame De Paris, marvelous white sand beaches, amazing natural conditions, monuments, lovely mountains, delicious cuisine, exquisite wine and, of course, friendly people. Moreover, if you decided to stay not in Paris, but either in the North or South of France, your staying won’t be too expensive. What else you have to visit in France? A great number of castles, sometimes it seemed that you are in a medieval country full of knights and kings. And all these castles are waiting fro you to become their Queen. The Alps are a great temptation to any traveler, even experienced one. On the South the Riviera is waiting for you. The Provence is full of small but adorable villages

French architecture is famous for already not one century. The most important buildings and monuments were made in the time of Carolingian dynasty and during the Roman Empire. During the first periods a lot of innovations came into French architecture. The second period brought buildings of Byzantine and Eastern origins. This period is famous for its churches and monasteries. Speaking about France is impossible about mentioning its cuisine and wine, especially champagne. To tell the truth France is not only one of the most visited city in the world, its cuisine ca be named as one of the most tasteful and delicious. Frenchmen are mad about cooking, cookers from France can be treated as the best cookers, they are highly attentive to each detail, even to minor details, while making even a simple dish. Be careful, its region has its own cuisine, sometimes there are even mixtures of other European cuisines.

As to my mind, French wine is even more popular than the Eiffel Tower. Frenchmen have been making their delicious wine since the Middle Ages, but in that times it was used only in monasteries. Only after the French Revolution it came into masses, a lot of vineyards were ruined, some confiscated. Wine regions in France are: Alsace, Beaujolais, Bergerac, Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Champagne, Jura, Loire Valley, Rhone Valley and the Languedoc-Roussillon and so on. Most Frenchmen drink wine as an aperitif, they drink it everyday, but fines for drunken-driving are rather high. By the way, a lot of French recipes contain wine as one of the ingredients, because here wine is not only a profitable business but an integral part of everyday life. Remember, that name and type of wine depends first of all, on the type of grape.

And, no doubts, there is no France without the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is an icon of Paris and France; it is the most recognizable man-made constructer in the world. This Tower is named Eiffel because of its designer Gustave Eiffel. This Tower weighs 7.300 tons. It is amazing but the top of this tower sways from 5 to 7 cm when the weather is windy. Tower is prone to destructing and erosion, so each year it is painted in the new colour. Currently, it is brown-grey. Building of the Eiffel Tower took 3 years, nobody liked it, the public met it rather cold, people considered The Tower to be awesome, huge and eyesore. According to its designer the Tower had to live not more than 20 years, but during these years people got used to it and the Tower wasn’t demolished in 1909. Now, it attracts tourists from all over the world and made Paris the world’s famous capital!

Stunning Photos of Atlantic-Norway Ocean Highway

It seems to me we all love amazing and beautiful and when they are that nice and stunning … I am more than glad. Today I would love to present you a great road that has an open sea view.

The road is called Atlantic-Norway Ocean Highway and it has nothing in common with the rest of the roads along the Norwegian coast.

The spectacular road with stunning views in a nick of time became a popular tourist attraction.

According to the locals, you should be exceptionally attentive while driving it.

Very often the local population and visitors use the road to go fishing for cod directly from the roadside.

How do you like the photos?

Renaissance Architecture of Chateau de Chambord in France

Chateau de Chambord in France belongs to one of the most bizarre and extravagant buildings in France. It was designed to confirm the François’ I status of the greatest revolutionary builder’s of his age.

Because of the rich forests of the Sologne the Chateau was intended to be only a hunting lodge, but in reality he managed to spend there only 42 days during his reign.

This castle is magnificent and attractive. It is tall, wide, and richly ornate (just like any other castle). The Chateau conveys a sense of wealth. Such kings as Louis XIV and Charles V spent time there. And this list can’t be full without such names as: Stanislas Leczcinski, two Marshals of France and even Leonardo da Vinci.

What I like the most about this castle – its unusual double-helix staircase, although it is not finished yet . The castle had many owners and was finally nationalized in the 1930′s.

Interesting facts:
 The castle features 128m of façade;
 More than 800 sculpted columns;
 Elaborately decorated roof;
 The castle is surrounded by a 52.5 km² (13,000 acre) wooded park;
 All its defensive elements are purely decorative;
 Many elements are borrowed from the Italian renaissance style.


Moroccan Leather Goods – Old Tanneries of Fez

Tanneries (or a district of dyers) is situated in Morocco and it is famous for incredible leather goods. Men work the leather in the tanning and special dying vats, they use the same technique as was used centuries before. The smell is very strong and once smelled it you will never forget it.

Just imagine, each of these vats is nearly 1 meter across, they are full of various paints and oil tanning liquors. You will get an opportunity to view everything from a tall building on a hillside. I perfectly understand how difficult it is, but… so amazing. But, after this excursion I think most people will have some troubles while wearing their usual leather jackets.