Japan Honeymoon Travel Tips

Japan fairy forest

So, I have already written a lot about honeymoons, but as for me, this theme is always very urgent and can be of great help to a lot of people, so, today main point of my concern is Honeymoon in Japan. This trip can be made all year round and I choose one itinerary (but there are a lot of them and you can cut your coat according to your cloth). Price of each journey varies from £2100 and to… price includes flight, transfer to hotel and accommodation.

Mount Koya Temple

So, what can be said about Japan? It is a marvellous country, a picturesque one, it is a country of amazing contrasts and paradoxes: it occupies leading points in economy growth and many other issues, Japan is a perfect combination of traditions and incredible sightseeings.

Mossy statues in Japan

According to this itinerary, your attraction will be drawn to the historical and old part of Japan, its sightseeings and culture. Japan is a special country, here you will feel the calmness of the world, it is full of romantic location and cozy places, they will tempt and charm you. In Japan you can find extremely different places of interest: the beaches of the Pacific Sea, marvellous landscapes of the countryside, bright neon lights of the cosmopolitan megapolis etc.

The first place you can stay at or just visit is:

  • Tokyo

What can impress you there? First of all – buildings and their cutting-edge design, the stage of modern-technology development and in contrast to this – historical monuments (Meiji Shrine), ancient palaces and unsurpassed tea ceremony houses. So, I advise you to visit Tokyo for sure and now I am going to give you a,list of the other attractions of Japan honeymoon:

Tokyo night view

  • Mount Koya

What for? Only visiting it you will understand the essence of Japan and penetrate into the heart Shingon Buddhism – it is one of the most popular Japan Buddhist sect founded in 805 by Kobo Daishi. There you will find enormous number of temples, that located on the top of the mountain covered with trees. There you can spend a night at a temple (taste hojin ryori, make a morning praise and to enjoy the holly calm atmosphere. Price – 9,500 Yen including a dinner and a breakfast);

Mount Koya Island

  • Kyoto

Kyoto is famous for its marvellous gardens and … Geishas. While staying in Japanese Inns you can taste delicious kaiseki cuisine and enjoy bath rituals;

Geisha dancing in Japan

  • Heiwadai Park

Heiwadai Park is a natural miracle that will capture your attention and you won’t be able to forget about it, it has the Peace Tower (that was built 67 years ago), from it you can see a splendid view of Miyazaki city;

Heiwadai Park, Miyazaki in Japan

  • The Nichinan Coastline

It is amazing. Don’t forget to rent a car and make a driving along the coastline, I am sure you will remember it till the rest of your life: the scenery is adorable, smell of flowers is dizzy…

Generally speaking, honeymoon in Japan will leave only positive emotions! Visit Japan, you won’t be disappointed.

Mossy Buddha statues in Japan