Top Celebrities Travel Destinations And Transportations

Gone are the days when celebrities were traveling the same way as we do and use the same means of transportation as we use. Now, they can choose and they choose the best. I am talking about only the best and the coolest yachts, planes, helicopters… Of course, they do things a little differently, they experience luxury and ready to pay the price. I doubt, we have ever been on trains, planes and yachts like these, so we can, at least, look at them. It’s our lot to think about hybrid cars and environment pollution, when sums on your bank account have more than 9 zeros, you can either choose or even create your own environment.

  • Angelina Jolie is not only a successful and talented actress, loving mother and wife, she has a pilot’s license as well. Jolie possesses one the fastest single-engine aircrafts – the Cirrus SR 22 ($360,000).

  • Have you already noticed this cool $25,000 black and chrome Honda RuneWish motorcycle riding around California? Not yet. That’s OK. Just pay attention, that George Clooney is on it. Despite some motorcycle minor accidents, Clooney still doesn’t want to leave his beloved hobby.

    Source ABC News

  • John Travolta owns 2 jets: a huge Boeing 707 (seems to be a flying hotel) and a small Gulfstream.

    John Travolta planes

  • Everything is right on the contrary with Leonardo DiCaprio, he not only claims the necessity to lead green life, he DO leads it. He flies only in cases of emergency and rides a Toyota Prius for the last seven years.

    Leonardo DiCaprio Toyota Prius

  • Ewan McGregor also goes mad about his motorcycle — a BMW GS R1150. He adores riding it and prefers riding up hill and down dale.

    Ewan McGregor bike

  • Paul Allen‘s yacht is the coolest toy on our list, his 416 feet, the Octopus regarded to be one of the biggest private yachts in the world. It includes: a swimming pool, basketball field, submarine, 7 boats and 2 helicopters.